Course Format

  • Didactic Lectures:
Didactic lectures given by specialists in their field.
  •  Guest Lectures:
International guest lecturers in cardiac and thoracic surgery.
  •  Interactive Seminars:
Small group interactive seminars covering a range of practical topics. 
  •  Panel Discussions and Debates:
Themed panel discussions and debates on contentious issues in cardiothoracic practice. 
  •  Topical Surgical Scenarios:
Management decisions and surgical strategies for complex scenarios in the realms of cardiothoracic surgery. 
  •  Wet Lab Demonstrations:
Demonstration of reconstructive procedures covered within the course.  
  •  BRC Manual:

The course manual outlines the presentations and contains relevant references for further reading

Topics will include:

Thursday 19th September

Thoracic Oncology
Coronary Artery Disease

Wet Lab Demonstrations

Friday 20th September

Sub-Specialist Thoracic Practice
The ABC of Thoracic Practice
Aortic Valve Disease

Saturday 21st September

Congenital Cardiac Surgery
Mitral Valve Surgery
Transoesophageal Echocardiography

Sunday 22nd September

Decision Making in Valve Surgery
Acute Ischaemic Heart Disease Scenarios
Cardiothoracic Trauma
Interesting Thoracic Case Studies
Fitness for Surgery

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